Best Airlines For Domestic & International Flights In 2022

top best airlines to fly

When it comes to Air travel, the safety of passengers as well as the aircraft crew is put into utmost importance. Among other means of transport, Air Transport can prove to be the safest and at the same time, the riskiest. Some Airlines standout on the list of best airlines for Domestic & International Flights in 20222.

As you should know, accidents are unexpected, hence the name was given to them. They are bound to happen anytime, without prior notice. It is the duty, however, of Airlines to know how to manage these accidents when they happen.

A good Airline should not only be prepared for accidents but should try its possible best to prevent them from happening. Why wait for it to happen, when there are measures you can take to stop it from happening.

This is a new year. Quite a number of individuals will have the resolution to explore more places in the world. If you are one or you have plans to visit foreign places anytime this year, you should take your time to read this.

You can see this as an eye-opener, exposing you to many things about airlines you need to know. Do not just book flights without enough assurance if the airline you are booking is safe. Your life is paramount.

Best  Airlines to Fly  (Domestic & International Flights) in 2022

You might be wondering why the year 2022 is included in this piece. Well, here’s it. Since change is constant, it applies to this list too. Every year, better airlines emerge, which might not necessarily be new ones. Some are just the old ones that got better at their craft.

For this list, I won’t list these airlines in any order. Just have it in mind that everyone you see here is worthy to be called “safe for you”. Say No to bad and unsafe airlines this year. You should be able to choose your fate.

Air New Zealand

One of the safest international airlines to fly globally this 2022 is Air New Zealand. This airline operates domestic flights within New Zealand and international flights to Australia, the Pacific, Asia, and North America.

Air New Zealand’s aircraft vary in size from the Bombardier Q300 to the Boeing 787-9. Currently, the airline operates a fleet totaling 96 aircraft. The number should be 103, including 7 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft which are currently in storage as a result of the pandemic.

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Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways was initiated in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The airline operates passenger and cargo flights in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. With Etihad Airways, you can have access to hundreds of international destinations.

Etihad Airways makes it to our list of the safest international airlines for so many reasons. Its fleet varies from Cargo aircraft to the new-generation Boeing 787. The Etihad fleet is one of the most advanced in the world.

Asides from the safety of the airline, you will experience the comfort and top-notch hospitality on board. There are comfy seats with the latest entertainment and delicious food throughout your flight. Such an experience should never be forfeited.

Qatar Airways

Looking for a very young and of course, safe airline to fly to your destination, you should fly Qatar Airways. Qatar Airways was launched in 1997 and has grown so fast to be among the best airlines. It is one of the world’s fastest-growing airlines.

Qatar Airways boasts of connecting more than 140 destinations on the map every day. Its fleet is made of the latest-generation aircraft, and a crew of experienced and selfless professionals to make your flight worth every penny.

So far, the airline has won so many awards at home and abroad, including a 5-star rating by Skytrax. It has also been awarded Skytrax airline of the year in 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017, and 2019. With all of these nominations and awards, you should be assured that safety is a priority at Qatar Airways.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Air also makes it to our list judging from the fact that it remains the world’s most awarded airline. Since the year the airline began operation till now, the number of awards it has received is unmatched by any other airline. Customers cannot be sentimental to keep voting then if they are not worth it.

With Singapore Air, you can explore the world on one of the most modern aircraft and fuel-efficient fleets in the skies. The aircraft is also comfortable and spacious to ensure your satisfaction throughout your flight. It might interest you to know the Singapore Airlines fleet.

Well, they include the world’s most modern and efficient aircraft;

  • ●  Airbus A350-900

  • ●  Airbus A380-800

  • ●  Boeing 777-309ER

  • ●  Boeing 787-10

  • ●  Boeing 737-8

  • ●  Boeing 737-800 NG

TAP Air Portugal

Transportes Aéreas Portugueses, with an acronym TAP, has also made it to the list of the safest airlines worldwide, in 2022. In 2021, TAP Air Portugal was not even among the first 20. If this should continue, we shouldn’t be surprised to see the airline occupy the top spot in 2023.

The aircraft fleet of this airline includes; ● A319-100

● A320-200 ● A321-200 ● A330-200 ● A340-300

Scandinavian Airlines

SAS occupied the world’s safest airline’s top spot in 2021 but was kicked to the 6th position in 2022 by Air New Zealand. This shows how fast an airline rating can be so dynamic over time.

SAS continues to bring in new and fuel-efficient aircraft and has one of Europe’s most modern fleets. The new aircraft has 15–30% lower fuel consumption, compared with the aircraft they replace. Also, the new state-of-the-art aircraft will give its customers a more pleasant, comfortable, and sustainable way of traveling.


QANTAS is an acronym for Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited. Qantas which was launched in 1920, has so far grown to be one of the strongest brands in Australia. The company has built a reputation for excellence in safety, operational reliability, engineering and maintenance, and customer service.

QANTAS is a group name, which operates two complementary airline brands – Qantas and Jetstar. These brands operate regional, domestic and international flights around the world. Want to see what the Qantas fleet is made up of? C’mon and have a look.

The aircraft in the Qantas fleet include;

  • ●  Boeing 787-9 Streamliner

  • ●  Airbus A380

  • ●  Airbus A330

  • ●  Airbus A320

  • ●  Boeing 737

●  Boeing 717

Alaska Airlines

Making it to the 8th on our list is Alaska Airlines. Alaska Airlines has rooted long ago, that it was once a merger of two different airlines at the time. This is enough reason for the airline to improve its safety procedures to ensure a safe and peaceful flight.

The company began passenger services with its first Boeing 737-9 MAX aircraft on March 1, 2021. Alaska Airlines remains focused on improving both passenger comfort and fuel efficiency. The airline maintains a young operational fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, Airbus A320 family aircraft, Bombardier Q400 aircraft, and Embraer 175 aircraft.


Established in 1989, EVA Air has been devoted to expanding its service portfolio. The Airline is among the top safest airlines around the world. It received a SKYTRAX 5-star airline rating in 2016.

From 2016 till date, EVA Air still received this SKYTRAX rating, which is the highest in the industry. Like I mentioned earlier, EVA Air is quite devoted to flight safety and customer service. In addition, the airline translates into an endless challenge of continued excellence.

EVA Air operates a fleet of more than 80 Boeing and Airbus aircraft that is among the youngest in the industry. In addition, EVA is adding 24 Boeing 787 Dreamliners to its fleet, including four 787-9s that are already in service and twenty 787-10s that are continuously being delivered; the company expects to have a complete Dreamliner fleet by 2022.

Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia is prominent for receiving so many awards from different bodies since its establishment. Some of the awards the airline has received are;

  • ●  Best Cabin Crew of the Year

  • ●  Best Business Class of the Year

  • ●  Inflight Airline of the Year

●  Best Domestic Airline; and many more.


If you have been wondering what the exact criteria are used to find out what the safest airlines are, you should read this. There is a website called AirlineRatings. This site has developed a system to determine the safety of airlines around the world. This system is known as Skytrax.

Criteria used for this system include;

  • ●  Airline’s crash over five years

  • ●  Serious incident record over two years

  • ●  Audits from aviation’s governing and industry bodies

  • ●  Government audits

  • ●  Industry-leading safety initiatives

  • ●  Fleet age; and of course

  • ●  COVID-19 safety protocols.

    At this time of the pandemic, the list will not be so genuine if the COVID-19 safety protocols of the airline are not considered. A simple mistake with this can cost the health of all passengers on board as well as the crew. This is no different than a plane crash.

    So, all the Airlines you have seen here have been properly scrutinized and you are sure to have a safe trip when you fly any of them.



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