Secure Password Managers to manage your online accounts

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Password Managers don’t just secure your passwords but they also simplify your online experience. In this post you will learn how password managers work. I will also show you some of the most secured password managers you use to manage your online accounts.
password manager

Password Managers

Nowadays the average internet user has many accounts online and they all require passwords to access those accounts. Because of this, many users use one password for all their accounts. From experience, people use their birth dates and names as their password so it is very easy for an attacker who knows your personal information to guess and gain unauthorised access to your online accounts.

We know how tedious or stressful it may be to remember all our passwords but with a password manager you just need to remember only one password which is called the Master Password. 

How Password Managers Work

Password managers are apps or digital safe that are designed to securely store all your passwords in one central location and make them available anytime you are required to login into any of your accounts. The passwords are stored using AES-256 industry standard encryption which adds a solid layer of security to all your passwords. Password managers can generate strong passwords for you if you have no idea how to create one.

Password Managers don’t just secure your passwords but they also simplify your online experience. Instead of typing your passwords manually, your password manager will auto fill your passwords in any website or mobile app. If you are using a mobile browser, you can just copy and paste your secured password.

Today’s password managers do more than just store your passwords but they also let you store your credit card details and forms, so whenever you are required to fill in your credit card details or fill any form, your password manager will auto fill your details without you typing any word.

There are many Password managers available but some stand out from the crowd. In this article, we will discuss some of the best password managers.

Best Password Managers


dashlane password manager

Dashlane is a leading password manager which uses the industry standard AES-256 encryption to securely store your passwords and other confidential information.

It is available to only windows, Mac, iOS and Android users.

Dashlane password manager offers a convenient way to auto fill your passwords/login any time you visit a website that requires your login details. It offers browser extensions that are compatible with major web browsers in windows and Mac.

Dashlane stores all passwords and other information in the cloud which makes it easily accessible from any device as long you can remember your master password.

The security guarantee of Dashlane is impressive because they claim no one, not even Dashlane, can access your information. This means only you have the key to decrypt your encrypted information in the vault.

Another feature that made Dashlane standout is the VPN feature included in their premium plan. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a must have if you don’t want your internet activities to be intercepted and exploited by hackers, ISP or government. A VPN encrypts your internet activities and serves as a shield against any spying eyes.

Dashlane does not just simplify your browsing experience but they are also concerned about your web security. They regularly scan the web for compromised websites and if your personal data is found to be involved, they alert you immediately to take action.

To get started with Dashlane, click here.


1Password password manager

1Password password manager is another great choice to consider when selecting the best password managers in 2019. They have been around for a long time now and they have evolved in data security.

This password manager use the industry standard AES-256 encryption to store your passwords, credit card details and notes. 1Password can generate strong passwords and auto fill forms, making your online experience less stressful.

Your information is securely stored in the cloud, it can be recovered from any device. 1Password is available to Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

1Password manager can also provide security alerts relating to any website your data is found. If there is any breach, 1Password manager will alert you and provide a solution.

One of the reasons why 1Password managers comes to the top list, is that their pricing is lower than their competitors (Dashlane, Lastpass) and they provide almost the same level of security. So if you are very tight on budget but care about your online passwords, 1Password is the best choice.

The ‘Travel Mode’ feature in 1Password puts an extra layer of security to your information when travelling. This feature allows you to remove (hide) sensitive data you stored and you can restore them at a single click whenever you need them. Not every password manager offers this so you might want to consider trying 1Password out.

1Password is free for 30 days and within this period you can try out all the premium features.  As at writing this post, the “Personal&Family’ plan goes for $2.99 per month for personal and $4.99 per month for Family use. Billing is annually. They also have Team&Business plan.

To check out 1Password, click here.


LastPass Password manager

Lastpass password manager is an authority in the data security industry. While competing with Dashlane and 1Password, Lastpass is trusted by over 13 million users.

It provides identical services with Dashlane and 1Password but in a simplified way. It is available to Android, iOS, Windows and Mac users. They offer browser extension for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera Mini in Windows, macOS & Linux.

Your secure information is synced with all your devices so they are easily accessible from any device. Lastpass stores your passwords, credit card details, private notes with the industry standard AES 256 encryption. It can also generate strong passwords and auto fill forms.

Lastpass offers a free 30 days trial, where you will have access to all the premium features. The company have plans designed for Personal/family use and business use.

To try out Lastpass for free in 30 days, click here.

Final Note

Using a password manager is  very convenient but the only warning for you is NEVER FORGET YOUR MASTER PASSWORD. Your master password is the only key to access your password vault. Please try your best and commit it to memory and NEVER FORGET IT.

I strongly recommend you use any of the above password managers along with a good antivirus program and cultivate a safe browsing habit. 

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