How to Secure a Twitter Account (100% security)



As a social media user, it is very necessary for you to learn how to secure a Twitter account to enable you to prevent hackers from compromising your Twitter account.

Twitter account take over or hack is getting common and a lot of users are affected. Recently, the twitter database was hacked and a lot of accounts were compromised, including the Twitter accounts of Big companies, Celebrities, and Influential accounts were hacked. Although this hack was on the database of Twitter so the users have no security control over the circumstance. Twitter has fixed the issue and restored all compromised accounts.

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Twitter is a social media platform where anyone can have fun with friends and family, share photos and videos for free, promote personal or company brand, and find useful content.

Just like every other social media platform, Twitter has provided security options for their users. If you follow the security guidelines of Twitter you will not have issues with your account. In this article, I will explain the security guideline. So read carefully and follow all instructions in this article to secure your account from hackers.

How To Know If My Account Is Compromised

When your twitter account is hacked or compromised, you will start getting some suspicious activities in your account, for example:

  • unexpected Tweets and comments by your account.
  • Noticed your password is no longer working and you are being prompted to reset it.
  • Received a notification from Twitter stating that your account may be compromised.
  • Received a notification from Twitter stating that your account information has changed, but you were not the one that changed it
  • Unfamiliar account activities  (e.g. following, unfollowing, or blocking)
  • Seen unintended Direct Messages sent from your account.

How To Secure A Twitter Account

Hey, make sure you read carefully band also adhere to all the instructions below to keep your twitter account very safe from hackers:

Use A Strong Password

One of the primary ways of hacking is through password guessing, someone can actually guess your password when you use a weak password, for example, your name, your nickname or your phone number. However, below is how to create a strong password for your Twitter account.

  • Use uppercase letters.
  • Use lowercase letters.
  • Mix it with numbers and symbols.
  • Use s different password for each website or account.
  • Keep your password in a secure place.
  • Make your password long.
  • For example, @[email protected]!(&*).

When you use a strong password as instructed above, it will be very impossible for anyone to guess your password. This is the first step of keeping your account safe from hackers.

Log Out All Session

If you getting some notifications from twitter regarding your account or are you experiencing some login attempts on your account, follow the below steps to log out all sessions in your twitter account and change your password.

  • Log in to your Twitter account.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on the Account and Security option.
  • When it opens, you will see the location, browser, and the name of the device the hacker is using to access your twitter account.
  • Now proceed and log out all the sessions and the hacker will be kicked out.

Avoid Phishing Website And Links

Never enter your username and password on any website that is not Hackers can create Phishing websites and ask you to enter your username and password to get more followers for free. Many people fall for this trick because they want massive followers.


Never click on any link you see on social, some of them are phishing links that were programmed to steal your login credential as soon as you click on it.

  • Enable two-factor authentication.
  • Use a strong password.
  • Do not log in to any website or app.
  • Protect your phone with an Antivirus software.


This is how to secure a Twitter account, however, if you have any question please do not hesitate to ask me.

Saint Yome

Saint Yome

Cyber Security Researcher and Consultant. Founder and CEO of Futtress Lab Ltd