How to Recover a Hacked Twitter Account (Guide)


This article will teach you how to recover a hacked Twitter account. If you follow the steps in this article carefully, you will not only recover a hacked Twitter account but will also learn how to secure any social media account because the security guidelines are the same for all social media platforms.

It has been unfortunate for a lot of Twitter users, the Twitter database was hacked and a lot of Twitter accounts were compromised. Although the attack was possible due to a security breach on the Database of Twitter, this shows that any security system can be compromised if proper training is not given to the people managing the Infrastructure. Same applies to the Twitter user, you need to know security guidelines in order to secure your account

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How To Recover A Hacked Twitter Account

To recover a hacked Twitter account, depends on the security level of the account. And you have to act very fast before the hacker finally changes all your recovery information.

Below are some the steps to take to successfully recover your account:

Change Your Password

As soon as you start noticing suspicious activities on your twitter account, please change your password immediately. This step will prevent the hacker from making further changes on your account. Try not to use a simple password, I recommend you create your new password with a Password Manager.

Log Out All Session

After changing your password, log out your account from every device connected to it. To log out all sessions, proceed as follows:

  • Log in to your Twitter account.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on the Account and Security option.
  • When it opens, you will see the location, browser, and the name of the devices connected to your twitter account.
  • Now proceed and log out all the sessions and the hacker will be kicked out from his end.

That is all guys, and please remember that you need to do it very fast before the hacker does a very dangerous thing that will ake the account to be gone forever. However, below is another strategy of how to recover a hacked Twitter account.

Check Your Recovery Email

Normally when someone has access to your recovery email or phone number, it will be very easy for the person to access your Twitter account and change your password. So it could be that the hacker is attacking your Twitter account through your recovery email or phone number. So check if you still have access to your Twitter recovery email or better reset the password with a strong password.

Request a New Password

If your Twitter password has been changed, you should request a new password from Twitter and Password reset link will be sent to your email or phone. To request a new password, proceed as follows:

  • Visit Twitter’s login page
  • Click on Forgotten password
  • Twitter will ask you to enter your email or phone number to find your account
  • A password reset link will be sent to your email or phone. Follow the instructions and set a new password.

Contact Twitter Support

If you try all the instructions above and was unable to recover your hacked twitter account, contact Twitter support team. They will review the activities on the reported account and reply with the steps to recover your account as soon as they confirm that you are the rightful owner.


If you follow security guidelines your Twitter account will be safe unless there is an security breach on the Twitter database. Therefore you have play your part and secure your account while Twitter is doing their best to secure their database.

So this is  how to recover a hacked Twitter account, however, if you still have any questions do not hesitate to ask me.

Saint Yome

Saint Yome

Cyber Security Researcher and Consultant. Founder and CEO of Futtress Lab Ltd