How to recover a hacked Facebook account (100% Working))


The number of facebook accounts getting hacked are increasing everyday and many have wished they can recover their hacked account. In this post I will explain to you some of the most effective ways of recovering your hacked facebook account.

Once a hacker has successfully hacked your facebook account, the next thing they will to do is to change your password and email address so you will not be able to recover your account. If the hacker can achieve his or her goal by successfully changing your password and email address, there is still hope but it depends on how fast you act to regain your account once you noticed it was hacked.

One thing to make clear here is that recovering your hacked facebook account depends on how you configured your facebook account. Facebook has provided different options to recover your account in case you loose it but most facebook users do not set these security (recovery options).

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Here are some of the best ways to recover a hacked facebook account:

If only your password was changed

In this case you can easily recover your facebook account. All you need to do is head over to facebook login page and click on “forgot password”.

Facebook will ask you to enter your username, email or phone number used during the account registration.

Next step is to select any of the recovery options that is available to you at the time of recovery. Choose the option you have access to immediately, either your email address or phone number.

Facebook will send a recovery code to any of the recovery option (phone number or email address) you selected. Enter the recovery code you received and click continue.

Now set a new password. We recommend you create your password with a Password Manager

If your Password, phone number and email has been changed

In this case, chances of recovering your facebook account are very slim but there is a way out.

Facebook launched a security update where you can reset your password and recover your hacked facebook account without any verification code. To do this, use the Device (Phone or PC) that you use regularly to visit facebook to reset your Password.

If Facebook recognises your device, you will easily reset your password and recover your account. While trying this process, make sure you use the same Network (ISP) you regularly use for Facebook. This will increase the chances of Facebook recognising your device.

Another method is the “Trusted Contacts” method. This method will only work if you have registered “Trusted Contacts” with facebook. Trusted Contacts are those contact you registered with facebook in case you loose your account and would like to recover it, Facebook will send a verification link them for you.

To recover your hacked facebook account using the “Trusted Contact” method, proceed as follows:

– Click Forgot password option

– Type in your username, phone number or email so Facebook can find your account.

– Once your account is found, click on the option “no longer have access to these

– More recovery options will be available. Depending on the age of your Facebook account, Facebook may ask you a security question if your account tis old but if your account is new, Facebook will ask you to Identify your trusted contacts. Click on reveal my trusted contacts and enter the name of one of your trusted contacts. Facebook will send a verification code to the person selected. 

– Finally, ask your trusted contacts to click on the link Facebook sent them and ask them to send you the verification code. 

– Enter the verification code sent to you by your trusted contacts and recover your account.

Final thoughts

If you tried all the above methods and you could not recover your account, we recommend you tell your friends to report the hacked account to Facebook. Once the account is reported, facebook will block the hacked account.

Now you should create a more secured Facebook account.

Here is a guide on how to secure your Facebook account.

If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us through call or email. 

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Saint Yome

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