Recommended privacy settings that will protect your privacy on Facebook

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Tech giant, Facebook, has faced many data breach scandals and as it seems your privacy may be at risk. Following the demand of government regulations, facebook has implemented some privacy features to help protect your privacy. In this post, we will discuss some of the recommended privacy settings to help protect your privacy on facebook.

Facebook has been criticised for selling users data to third party companies.  The Cambridge Analytical data breach scandal revealed how Facebook has been dealing with users data.

Why you should review your privacy settings on facebook

Your privacy settings is where all the information about how you want your activity on facebook to been seen. By default, facebook has set your information to be public.

This means that every piece of data you have or any action you perform on facebook can be exploited by advertisers and malicious actors. The implication is that you may end up getting tracked by anyone interested.

Some users who are very privacy conscious have deleted their facebook accounts. But if you still want to enjoy the fun on facebook, I recommend you change your privacy settings because by default your account is set to reveal every information about you.

How can I protect my privacy on facebook?

Facebook has implemented privacy features that can help you take control of your total privacy on facebook. You are to decide what information is made public or private on facebook.

To protect your privacy on facebook, you would want to start by changing your profile settings, then change Post settings and check the apps/websites that have access to your facebook information.

While there are a lot of changes you can make on your Privacy settings to improve your privacy, we recommend the following privacy settings

Goto Settings > Privacy

Set Your Activity on facebook

how to protect my privacy on facebook

One very important Privacy feature you need to set is the Timeline and Tagging option. This will control the posts and tags that will appear on your timeline.

Select Timeline and Tagging under Privacy and set as shown below

how to protect my privacy on facebook

Next is Location

This feature when turned on, will allow facebook to track anywhere you visit with your phone or PC. We recommend you turn it off if you are not comfortable with facebook/hackers knowing your location.

how to protect my privacy on facebook

Under Apps and Websites, you will see all the third party apps/websites that have access to your facebook information. We highly recommend you remove all third party apps/website that are connected to your facebook account.

how to protect my privacy on facebook

To remove any connected App or websites, select the apps/websites and click Remove.

Another feature is the Face Recognition option which allow Facebook to recognise you in Photos and Videos. This feature is great but we recommend you turn it off.

how to protect my privacy on facebook

Please note that the settings discussed in this post are recommended privacy settings that will improve your privacy on facebook. You are free to tweak your privacy settings the way you want.

In subsequent posts, we will explore more Facebook Privacy features that will help us enjoy facebook while at the same time protecting our privacy.

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