How to Recover a Hacked Twitter Account

This article will teach you how to recover a hacked Twitter account. If you follow the steps in this article carefully, you will not only recover a hacked Twitter account but will also learn how to secure any social media account because the security guidelines are the same for all social media platforms. Recommended Articles […]

How to Secure a Twitter Account

As a social media user, it is very necessary for you to learn how to secure a Twitter account to enable you to prevent hackers from compromising your Twitter account. Twitter account take over or hack is getting common and a lot of users are affected. Recently, the twitter database was hacked and a lot […]

How to Secure an Instagram Account

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Tutorial: How to Recover Hacked Instagram Account

This article is going to show you how to recover a hacked Instagram account. It is possible to recover a hacked Instagram account. Kindly read carefully and follow all the instructions on this article. We all know how painful it is when you lose your Instagram account to hackers after a sleepless night of building […]

How to Detect a Phishing Attack

This article is going to teach you what is phishing & how to detect a phishing attack. This will definitely enable you to secure all your social media accounts, credit cards, and other important online accounts against hackers. One of the common method of hackings is phishing. A lot of emails, credit cards, social media […]

How to recover a hacked Facebook account

The number of facebook accounts getting hacked are increasing everyday and many have wished they can recover their hacked account. In this post I will explain to you some of the most effective ways of recovering your hacked facebook account.

How to secure your Whatsapp account from Hackers

Now there are a lot of security measures you can take to effectively secure your WhatsApp account but before I go on to explain how to secure your WhatsApp account, let me explain a few ways your WhatsApp account can be hacked. So watch out for these threats and take action immediately.

How to secure your Facebook account from hackers

To protect your facebook account from hackers, it is important you know some of the methods hackers use to hack your facebook account. The methods discussed below are used to hack facebook accounts.