Best Cloud Backup Services


Best Cloud Backup Services

When it comes to computer operations, data loss is inevitable just like death. It is just a matter of when it will happen.  So the BEST security practice is to have a backup of your data saved in an off-site location.

While it is a great thing to have a local backup of your data saved in your computer, it is better to have a copy of the backup off-site because you may lose your computer due to Natural incidents or targeted attack by hackers.

Having an online backup service will keep you a step ahead of unforeseen circumstances  and save you a lot of work in case of potential damage. All you will have to do is restore your backup from the cloud and continue from where you stopped.

How does Online Backup Work?

It is very simple.

You sign up with a Cloud Backup Service Provider and install a Cloud Backup app in your computer or mobile phone. Then you select the files and directories you want to backup.

Depending on your internet connection speed and the size of your files, the backup process may take few minutes or days to complete.

Once the backup process is complete, the files and directories will be encrypted, compressed and uploaded to the server of your Cloud Backup Service Provider.

Once your data is uploaded, you can access and restore them from anywhere you want. This is a good security practice and Security Experts always emphasize on Cloud Backup because your Backup can be your only “saving light” in the days of darkness (data loss).

Cloud Backup Service Providers charge their customers a fee based on Storage space, data transmission bandwidth, number of servers, number of users and some premium features for large companies.

Cloud Backup Providers bill their customers on a monthly or yearly subscription basis.

Furthermore, the Cloud Backup app installed in your mobile phone or computer can regularly scan your files to see if there are any changes or modifications and automatically add the changes to the relevant file or directories in the cloud.

How Secured are Cloud Backup Services?

Most Cloud Backup Providers use military grade encryption protocols such as the AES 256 bit to secure your data in the cloud. They also provide a Private Encryption Key if you wish to manage your data yourself so no one else can access your data, not even your Cloud Backup Provider can decrypt your data.

This is the best practice to ensure that you alone have access to your data. But you have to make sure you NEVER forget your Private Encryption key because if you forget the Private Encryption key, even your Cloud Backup Provider cannot help you recover your data.

The solution to this is to use a secured Password Manager to save your Private Encryption key and anytime you are required to provide your Private Encryption key, you simply login to your Password Manager and copy your Private Encryption Key and login to your Cloud Backup Account.

So Cloud Backup services are secured.

Best Cloud Backup Services in 2022

When choosing an online (cloud) Backup Provider, there are a lot of things to consider before making a choice.

One of the factor to consider is the purpose of the backup. Is it a personal data backup or a business data backup?

For the purpose of this article, I will discuss some of the best Cloud Backup Providers for personal use.

Best Online Backup Services: Our Recommendation

There are many Cloud Backup Providers available but based on positive user reviews and compatibility with personal needs, we recommend any of the Cloud Backup Services explained below.

They meet the industry standards. Above all, they have strong data protection technology, so your data is safe with them.

Anytime a security issue arise with any of the Cloud Backup Services discussed below, we will let you know and find a solution or an alternative for you.


Blackblaze is one of the leading Cloud Backup Providers with a reasonable pricing plan coupled with unlimited data storage features for a single computer or Mobile Phone.


It is very easy to set up. You can backup your Photos, Videos, Documents, Music, Softwares/apps including system files. It can as well backup data in an external storage device like a Hard drive or USB Flash Drive.

Some Cloud Backup Providers offer file syncing and sharing features in addition to their backup service but Blackblaze is only concerned about backup and restore. It doesn’t offer those additional features which is perfectly okay.

You can sync your files with cloud storage and file-sharing services like DropBox or Google Drive once you have restored your data from Blackblaze, so it is not really a ‘great’ feature missing in Blackblaze since there other companies that offer file syncing for free.

Blackblaze is very affordable. As at the time of writing this article, pricing starts at $5 per month per a single computer (or user). But the price drops down to $4.17 per month if you subscribe for a year upfront and $3.96 per month if your subscribe for 2 years upfront. Since it is a backup plan, it is recommended you subscribe for 3- 5 years upfront (if you can afford it). So you can be rest assured that in the next 3 -5 years you have unlimited backup plan.

Furthermore, if you want a physical copy of your backup, Blackblaze can download your backup into USB Flash Drive or USB Hard Drive and send it to you anywhere in the world.

Blackblaze is an excellent choice for personal data backup. It offers a Private Encryption Key and unlimited backup storage. Blackblaze can help you track your lost device and can allow you to remotely wipe the data in your lost device.

Apart from the great backup features for personal use, Blackblaze offers a Business backup plan and has close integration with B2 Cloud storage services.

We recommend Blackblaze for your personal backup. They offer a 15-days trial for home users. Test their backup service and see if it is compatible with your needs.

To start using Blackblaze, CLICK HERE


IDrive is a full-featured and affordable Cloud Backup Service. When it comes to listing the best online backup services, IDrive comes first according to PCMAG and for good reasons.


When you sign up with IDrive, you will get a permanent and free 5GB of storage space. Depending on the plan you choose you get additional storage space.

A Personal plan gives a 2TB of storage space which you can upgrade to 5TB.

Even though IDrive does not offer unlimited storage like Blackblaze, they allow you to backup unlimited devices (all your phones and PCs). Unlike Blackblaze that allows you to backup only a single device.

IDrive is secured. Your data is encrypted. IDrive uses military grade encryption to protect your data in their server. You can choose to use a Private Encryption Key or an IDrive-managed Key (the default). Always choose the Private Encryption Key option so only you can manage your data without interference. But always REMEMBER to never FORGET your Private Encryption Key. This is where a Password Manager becomes very handy in your data protection practice.

IDrive allows you to sync and share your files, including File Explorer integration. Some convenient feature that are missing in Blackblaze.

They have fast backup speed and performance. IDrive is a complete backup and restoring solution that can meet all your needs for an online backup service.

Finally, IDrive allows a single user to backup unlimited computers and provides advance backup features and security.

To start using IDrive, CLICK HERE

Blackblaze Vs IDrive: Still can’t choose?

Any of the above Cloud Backup Services is good. It all depends on variables like pricing, backup features, ease of use and performance.

If you have a lot of computers you want to backup you can go with IDrive but if you want to backup a single computer, Blackblaze is the best option for you.

With a data Backup plan, you are a step ahead of unforeseen circumstances like Ransomeware, theft, natural disasters and targeted attack by hackers that could make you lose your data.

If you ever got hit, just get a (new) computer, install an Antivirus program, connect to your Cloud Backup Provider via the internet and restore your data.

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