how to secure instagram account

The number of hacked Instagram accounts are increasing daily and it is a wise decision to learn how to secure an Instagram account. In this article, I have explained the steps to take and secure your Instagram account from hackers.

Before I show you the easy steps, you may also want to learn how to recover hacked instagram account. This way you can help a family member or friend to recover their compromised Instagram account.

Instagram has provided every user with security options to help secure their accounts but most users do not implement these security options, therefore they get hacked.

Instagram is currently the best photo and video sharing social media where everyone can have fun with friends and family. It is also a great platform like LinkedIn where you can share your handwork, build your personal or company brand. Lastly, Instagram is one of the best social media platform that you can easily find great content, However, hackers are exploiting vulnerable Instagram users and taking over their accounts.

how do Instagram accounts get hacked

Have you ever wondered how an Instagram account is hacked? Most time, the vulnerable Instagram user makes it very easy for the hackers by using a simple password like phone number, first name, name of spouse or date of birth. These information can be easily guessed.

There are other advanced way of hacking an Instagram account but if the Instagram user is informed about security he or she can be safe from any kind of attack except an attack on the Instagram database just like it happened to Twitter.

Here are some common methods hackers use to hack Instagram accounts:

Phishing Method

In this method, the hacker will design a malicious website that offers to massive Instagram followers for free and ask you to login with your Instagram details in order to get more followers. Who doesn’t want more Instagram followers? But after you fill in your Instagram login details, your account is hacked and all your information will be changed including your recovery email and phone number.

Wifi Sniffing Method

When you are using a public or free wifi, all your internet activities can be intercepted and modified. So if a hacker is in the same Free WiFi/Network with you, he or she can intercept your Instagram activities by serving you fake notifications like “You have been logged out of Instagram, Log in again”. Immediately login again, your Instagram username and password have been stolen.

Common Hacking Method

The most common hacking method is guessing. Most of the social media hackers are not professional enough to use the above two methods, therefore they try to guess your password. Fortunately for the social media hackers, they succeed sometimes. This happens when the Instagram user is using weak or simple passwords.

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How To Secure An Instagram Account

Now you know some of the methods hackers use to hack Instagram accounts, below are the steps to secure your Instagram account.

To enable Two-factor Authentication for your phone number, proceed as follows:

To Enable Two-Factor Authentication through an Authentication app (Google Authenticator, Authy) proceed as follows:

A lot of people do not take their social media security seriously and that is one of the reasons hackers always succeed anytime they try to hack any account. It will be difficult or impossible for hackers to hack your social media account when you adhere to all the security guidelines in this article.


This is to how to secure an Instagram account, however, if you still have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me. I will be glad to attend to you on time. Have a nice day!

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