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This article is going to show you how to recover a hacked Instagram account. It is possible to recover a hacked Instagram account. Kindly read carefully and follow all the instructions on this article.

We all know how painful it is when you lose your Instagram account to hackers after a sleepless night of building your followers, not only that, the hacker will also access your chat and be in control of everything on the account. But do not worry again before this article is going to show you how you can easily recover your hacked account or prevent your Instagram account from getting hacked.

Last month a friend’s Instagram page with huge followers (70k plus) got hacked. I was able to recover the recover the account immediately I was notified. So what I am about to show you now are the procedures I followed to recover the hacked IG account. So read carefully to avoid skipping any vital information.

Is It Possible To Recover A Hacked Instagram Account?

Yes, it is very possible to recover a hacked Instagram account as long as you find out early. However, in some cases, it is impossible to recover the account if the hacker has changed the necessary pieces of information needed to recover the account.

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Whether you have millions of followers or just 50 followers on your hacked Instagram account, sometimes is very hard to recover the account or even impossible. Do you know the most annoying part? Instagram helps service are not doing anything to help recover your hacked account.

How To Recover A Hacked Instagram Account

Did you lose your IG account to hackers? If yes then you need to act very fast before it becomes impossible to recover it. Follow the steps below:

Report The Hack To Instagram Immediately

Did you lose your Instagram account to a hacker or you are experiencing some suspicious activities on your Instagram account? If yes please rush now and report the issue to Instagram. They will help review it and secure your account for you.

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Recover Your Instagram account through your Email

Did you link your Instagram account with your email? If yes then there is a possibility of recovering the hacked account. So below is what you have to do immediately:

Open the email you linked to your Instagram account.

Open the message you receive from Instagram.

If you receive a message that your password has been changed, request a new login link sent to your linked email address or phone number. Follow the steps below:


If you receive a message from Instagram that your email was changed, Instagram has the option called ‘Revert this change‘. Click on it in the message you received and you may be able to undo the change of email on your account.

What do I do if the hacker changed my email address?

Recovering your hacked Instagram account will be very easy if your linked email is still intact, however, it will be a bit hard if the hacker changed your email address, password, username, and other things required from you to recover the account. In this kind of situation all hope is not lost. Below are some steps to follow:

After providing the things listed above, Instagram will review the account per your request and confirm if you are the real owner. If you are the real owner of the account, they will reply to your complaint within 24hrs with the steps to follow and recover the account. So if you were looking for how to recover a hacked Instagram account, I believe that the steps above will help you recover your account easily. however, below are the steps to prevent your account from getting hacked.

How To Prevent Your Account from Being Hacked

Here are some things required from you to prevent hackers from compromising your Instagram account all the time:


I hope you learned how to recover a hacked Instagram account in this article, however, if you still have any question please let me know.


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