In this post, you will learn the ultimate way of securing your facebook account from hackers, exactly the same way security experts do.

If you have a facebook account with a good number of friends, then your account is a potential target because such an account is very useful to the hacker.

How to hack a facebook

To protect your facebook account from hackers, it is important you know some of the methods hackers use to hack your facebook account. The methods discussed below are used to hack facebook accounts.

Phishing method: When a hacker decides to go fishing (phishing) in the ocean of facebook, he or she will clone a facebook login page, exactly the same way a real facebook login page looks like and trick the victim to login to facebook.

The moment you type your username and password, your login details will be sent to the hacker.

Brute Force method: The hacker will guess your password using a wordlist. A wordlist may contain millions of commonly used passwords and if your password is not strong enough, the hacker can brute force (guess) your password using the wordlist.

WiFi sniffing. While using a free or public WiFi, your connection is not secured and a hacker can intercept your activities on the network, including your facebook login details.

Keylogging. In this method, the hacker will install a Keylogger in your device that will record all the keystrokes on your keyboard. The Keylogger will capture your username and password and send the information remotely to the hacker.

Why would somebody hack my facebook account?

There are a lot of reasons why a hacker may want to hack your account. Whatever the reason may be, if you secure your facebook account properly, the attacker’s effort will be in vain. So you would want to make sure you set up proper security for your facebook account.

So here are some Facebook account security tips that will ward off attackers from taking over your account:

Use a strong password

Security experts always emphasise on the use of strong password. Especially when it comes to your facebook account, your password is the key, once an attacker could guess your password your account is hacked.

Never use your name, phone number or date of birth as your Facebook password. We recommend you use a Password Manager to create a strong password for your facebook account. The password manager will make your login experience very easy.

Never login your Facebook account on anybody’s phone or laptop

These days you cannot trust anyone with your facebook account because old facebook accounts are on sale in the black market. If you can guide against accessing your Facebook account from a device that is not yours, you have eliminated this threat. So since you have not accessed your facebook account from a different device, it is assumed that you are the only one who knows your password.

Never Login to Facebook on a Free or Public WiFi

This is a serious threat to your facebook account. Never login to your facebook account while you are using a Free or Public WiFi at a hotel, airport, bar, restaurant or anywhere . A hacker can be in the same Wifi network with you intercepting every password on the network.

But if you must use facebook at that moment, turn on your VPN before you login to facebook. Your connection will be encrypted. Even if the hacker intercept the packet containing your username and password, the data will be gibberish.

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Set up Facebook login alert

Login alert is a security feature facebook has provided and it is very effective in protecting your account. With this feature, you will be alerted anytime an unknown device or browser accessed your Facebook account.

To set up login alert on your facebook account, follow the steps below

  1. Go to Settings > Security Login
  2. Select Get alerts about unrecognised logins
  3. Choose where you would like to receive alerts (phone number or email)
  4. Click Save

If you receive an unrecognised login alert, you should immediately change your password to prevent further activity on your account.

Avoid clicking on Phising links

Clicking on any link sent to you is the beginning of getting hacked. A hacker can send you a phishing link claiming to come from facebook and ask you to login to facebook. Be careful not to enter your username and password.

To detect a malicious link, copy the link sent to you and visit and scan the link. If the link is not secured, Virustotal will inform you.

Alternatively, your Antivirus can easily detect a phishing link and send you a warning. So you want to make sure you have an up-to-date antivirus installed in your device.

Learn more about safe browsing techniques and you will be able to detect a malicious link anytime you see one manually.

Secure the device you use to access facebook

If all the attempts to hack your facebook account fails, the hacker will try to hack the device you use to access facebook. If the device is not protected, the attack will be successful and the hacker will install a keylogger in your device that will steal your facebook username and password anytime you type them.

We strongly advise you to install an up-to-date antivirus software in the device you use to access facebook. The antivirus software will detect and block malicious softwares/links in your device. Kaspersky antivirus provides real threat detection and prevention. We recommend you install it.


If you follow this guide, you will not have to worry about anyone trying to hack your facebook account. Once the hacker is not making any progress in hacking your secured account, he or she will move to the next vulnerable facebook user. 

Make sure you practice safe browsing to keep your account protected always.

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