Cyber Self Defense Campaign

Protect yourself against the ever increasing attacks from Hackers.  Learn strategies that will help you secure your online activities.

Enter your email address and be enrolled in our 3 Days Free Cyber Self Defense Course. This course will teach you how to build a Strong Defense Against Hackers

Fundamental Tools & Techniques


Detect and Block the activities of Hackers. Protect your device against incoming attacks

Password Manager

Create Strong Passwords and conveniently Manage all your Online Accounts.


Store your Data in the Cloud and Restore at anytime anywhere. Recover from any Data Breach.


Hide your IP address and communicate privately in a secured Network. By-pass Geo Restrictions


Encode your Data and Prevent Unauthorised Access. Share and Receive Information privately.

Safe Browsing Practice

Learn Safe Browsing Practices. Detect Social Engineering Attacks. Avoid Hackers baits on the internet.


Secure & Defend

We provide you with Tools and Techniques used by Industry Experts to keep Hackers away from gaining unauthorised access.


We create Cyber Security Awareness Programs and Educate Individuals/Organisation about the latest cyber security threat.


We have a Dedicated and Passionate Team of Ethical Hackers who share knowledge to provide solution to Cyber Security issues.